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Preventive Breast care

A regular annual check is required to diagnose the disease or problem at a right time. A woman should go for an annual check up from Women Health Care Experts for a healthy body and to prevent disease. The three steps of the preventive breast care is as follows-

  1. Self Examination :  One should examine the breast on every month after a fix interval to identify any change occurs in the breast. The common changes are-
    • Discharge from nipple (other than Breast Milk like clear or Blood).
    • Development of hard Lump.
    • Swelling of Breast.
    • Itching and Redness on skin.
    • Nipple might be retracted or scaly.
  2. Clinical Diagnosis of Breast Cancer : 20 to 39 year old women should undergo clinical examination for preventive breast care. In this step, breast examination is done by a trained physician or nurse to identify and evaluate breast problems.
    • Every woman, between the ages of 20 to 39, should get the breast examined by a health professional once in every three year.
    • After 40 year, women should go for clinical breast examination every year.

    Women should discuss about their personal risk factors and medical background and then make a decision.

  3. Mammography : Under mammography process, a low-dose x-ray of the breasts is taken to find changes if any occur. It an effective technique as it can detect breast cancer or any other problem before it become dangerous.There is no doubt in that mammogram can detect the cancer tissue before the lumps become large enough to be felt but a bios copy will be required to confirm the cancer.The intensity of risk varies with the body and background of the woman. It is recommended for a woman at high risk to ask the doctor to use mammogram in the early checkup to diagnose the disease at initial stage.

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